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Extension-by-Design deliver stunning and practical residential design solutions. Our strength is our ability to achieve outcomes that others find challenging.

Our experience is wide and broad,

  • Single Storey Additions
  • Double Storey Additions
  • Single Storey New Homes
  • Double Storey New Homes
  • Designer Homes for Narrow Lots
  • Split level homes for sloping blocks
  • Homes with under-crofts
  • Courtyard Homes

We have over twenty (20) years of professional architectural design and building experience in Perth, working in Extensions and Additions as well as new homes.

Our strength is the in-depth building knowledge that we have to compliment our extensive design expertise. We understand the difficulties and cost implications that impractical design poses the process.

An impressive design on paper does not always translate into workable solution. We always maintain a realistic perspective that delivers an workable outcome. Our designs are elegant, functional, and very importantly, are easy to build and cost effective. 

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The Benefits to Owner

  • Get's the individual design concept that they want
  • Get's the specification that they want
  • Achieves the market best price for their design and specification
  • Get's access to quality Builders that may not be readily apparent
  • Possess the freedom to negotiate the best contract terms

The Benefits to Builder

  • Win contracts to supplement work load at quite times.
  • Access to opportunities that they would not otherwise have
  • Opportunity to grow their business without adding overheads. 
  • The competitive tender process gives them better idea of market conditions

With very little exception, the majority of commercial and Government building projects are awarded through the process of a competitive tender.

We believe that the competitive tender process is the best way of getting the lowest market price and Builder for the residential projects.

Allowing the market to set the price for your individually designed homes provides benefits for all parties;


We'Re Designers and Assist our Clients Build their Dream Home

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