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We deliver stunning design, inspired by lifestyle choice and individual needs.  The lifestyle homes that we inspire that cannot be taught, they must be experienced.


We strive for balance and we harness creativity to perfect our craft with practical experience and people engagement.

Money is important.

The design options are infinite and the build cost can easily reflect this. Often pushing the expense beyond the capacity of the client.
We have found that build costs can be minimized with intelligent design and some insignificant compromise on behalf of the client once the true impact is explained.
We use our deep understanding of efficient structural design to minimize cost of construction.

We design responsibly with practical insight to achieve cost efficiency for the client.

Unless you are prepared to spend serious cash on lawyers, written guarantees don’t mean very much.

With us, we aim to structure our service to eliminate risk and to set up our clients for success.
We prefer the old fashioned way of business, good service leads to satisfaction that drives referrals, improves our business and gives us peace of mind.
We are happy to offer any number of previous and current clients to act as referees for our service. 

WHAT WE STAND FOR - Taming Challenging Sites


There are so many ways to approach a design for an addition or a new home. We are not fixed on one concept or another. We start with the end in mind based on what our client has conveyed to be the vision and the needs.
Our role as professional architects and designers is to turn the vision into a practical reality. Our strength is our ability to balance creativity and cost effectiveness to achieve results.

Extensions by design - Home Designer, Perth, Western Australia

Design is our passion, it's something that produces a positive change in all of us,  lifestyle choices that enhance our well-being.  

Each design is a new challenge. It's an opportunity to bring the vision and needs together.

We work with our client partners beyond the design, we are happy to participate in the journey through the construction phase and into finishes.

Our mission is to deliver our clients a positive design and build experience.

Extensions by Design - WHAT WE DO

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Energy efficiency is no longer optional, it is mandated at the construction stage and in the near future, it is likely that it will be necessary if you wish to sell a dwelling.
We are passionate about sustainability. For us it is not an add-on. It is part of what we do. All the critical design elements of solar orientation, passive design for natural ventilation, use of appropriate building materials, and other basic sustainable design elements are integrated into the design.


To achieve our client’s vision, we have to be clear about the objectives from the outset.
We start every project with an elegant, cost effective and intelligent design. We also follow through with clear and concise documentation to pass on to a quality builder.
We begin every project with the end in mind, ensuring that all details are taken care of. We are passionate about every design and do our part to ensure that our clients end up with a stunning home and a positive design and build experience.

Steep sites, narrow sites, irregular shaped sites all present unique challenges.

Challenging building sites translates into higher building costs. Without the right design the cost blow-out can render projects non-feasible.  Our strength is our ability to configure cost effective design solutions that can be practically implemented.
Such sites present amazing design opportunities. While, preparing house plans for such sites is an absolute thrill.

WHAT WE STAND FOR - Sustainability

We offer more than pretty pictures.
You can be assured that our designs are buildable. Home additions require a deep understanding of structures, space and cost efficiency. We make a great of effort assess and understand the existing structure before we look at the creative possibilities.
The structural awareness and impact on cost distinguishes the experienced designers from the design novices. With 20 year’s of design and building experience, we have a very good idea of what is feasible and what can become very costly. 

WHAT WE STAND FOR - Cost effeciency

Communication is vital for what we do.

Our service can only be effective if we have clear understanding and communication with our clients.
From the outset, we listen attentively to make sure that we understand perfectly what your expectations are.
Conversely, we take every opportunity to advise our clients on issues or matters that they may not be aware of.


WHAT WE STAND FOR - Performance

Our work over many years with additions and home improvements has taught us agility in working with all style of homes.

We have worked with federation style, french country house, rural homestead, English cottage, modern-contemporary styles, contemporary Balinese, traditional single storey, two storey and commercial type design.
Having done it all, the design that we deliver will be in-line with your vision.

Our philosophy

We take on projects that others consider to be difficult.

Ever-advancing our skills and perspective, we believe that we are only as good as our last project

OUR Pragmatism

We offer design solutions. We balance the important variables, the vision, the lifestyle, the budget, site orientation, local design guidelines and future needs.

WHAT WE STAND FOR - Flexibility

Regardless of the challenge that you throw at us, we will deliver a stunning design.
Sometimes a stunning design is not enough, it has to be built. When asked, we are delighted to help. 
Our Core Business

  • Architectural Design
  • Statutory Approvals

Through industry partners, we can also facilitate; 

  • Site Surveys & Engineering
  • Energy assessment & Building certification
  • Tendering for construction
  • Owner Builder mentoring
  • Interior Design and Landscaping

WHAT WE STAND FOR - Creativity

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